Welcome to Yellow Seed Hospitality…

…a consulting company built on the foundation of developing new business opportunities, increasing sales, and providing growth for all clients in the hospitality landscape. With over 18 years of collective experience and synonymous with the color yellow, founders Ilker Oguz and Jake Poznak take on both an analytical and creative approach when servicing accounts.


“There is no such thing as an overnight success. You need the right formula for your seed to blossom.”

— Jake Poznak, CO-FOUNDER


YSH invests in a formula which aligns strategic partnerships and revenue drivers, combines social and digital media marketing, embraces new industry tech trends, spearheads new market penetration while discovering additional revenue streams, all with the goal of becoming a key sales and marketing extension of your team.


If provided with nurturing care, a seed will grow and continue to evolve until it has reached its maximum potential; YSH believes in the cultivating process and is prepared to elevate our clients and brands to new heights.